My own biggest challenge…
24 januari 2016 
2 min. leestijd

My own biggest challenge…

A few blogs of mine are about the comfort zone. I think this is a very interesting topic for your own happiness. Now it happens that my comfort zone is really big. I like changes, I like to meet new people, I am not shy, I like to be on my own and like new things to do. So my own problem is that I can stay easily in my own comfort zone, without even knowing how to go out. Or I can put it this way: I like to go out of my comfort zone, but the moment I leave is the moment my comfort zone extends. But… and that’s the reason for this blog, I have one huge challenge I want to deal with!

Last week I was at a seminar from David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done. It was interesting, but not because of the topic. For me it was interesting, because I got a big insight about myself. The seminar was in English and I understood everything. I read books in English, watch TV with or without English subtitles and I traveled a lot. And still, I’m pretty insecure about my English.

That’s why I decided to write in English. Maybe not every blog I’m writing, but many more than I did before. And that’s easy, cause I wrote only one blog in English before ;). First, let me tell you what my big issue is: I don’t mind to speak English with foreigners. I don’t mind to speak English with native English persons. But I do mind to speak English in front of or with Dutch people. They are so judgmental in my mind. I’m not saying they are, but my mind is saying they are. So I need to learn how to deal with these feelings and I need to improve my English. That’s the reason I want to write in English more. And I really like this language and the way I can express myself.


So while I was at this seminar in this beautiful location (Westerkerk, Amsterdam) I challenged myself. I thought: I tell you guys that the magic happens outside your comfort zone and myself, I really want to stay in my own zone when it’s about English. That’s not fair and that’s not the way I want to live my life. I want to take challenges, I want to be proud of myself, I want to try and I don’t want to hold back because I’m scared or insecure. So, I really do mind what you think about my English, but it won’t hold me back any more!

Are you with me with your own challenges?

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Vanuit mijn inmiddels tien jaar ervaring binnen goed werkgeverschap, arbeidsmarktcommunicatie en werkgeluk, adviseer en coach ik organisaties op deze vlakken. Daarnaast schrijf ik ook voor HR organisaties over allerlei HR-onderwerpen. Verder heb ik een product ontwikkeld (sollicitatiecursus #lachendsolliciteren) die organisaties aan hun afgewezen sollicitanten aanbieden als verrassing. Een zacht en warm afscheid binnen het sollicitatieproces levert veel positieve doorvertel-verhalen op. Goed werkgeverschap begint bij de sollicitant.
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